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Mary Had a Little Lamb - the famous nursery rhyme - was originally written as a poem and published in 1830. You may be surprised to learn that the story is based on an actual event; Mary did in fact have a baby lamb which her brother encouraged her to take to school. There happened to be a visitor at the school that day who was so taken with the entire incident that the following day he came back and gave Mary a piece of paper which contained the three original stanzas of the poem.

While we all can't be Mary and own lambs (or take them to school), we can have lamb stuffed animals as companions instead. Who can resist these adorable baby animals?A lamb stuffed animal is soft and cuddly, much like the real thing looks like it would be. While we tend to think of most plush toys as comforts for our children, lambs in particular fit that bill more than most. When our children are sick, or when they can't fall asleep, we may reach for their treasured lamb stuffed animal to help comfort them (though a plush lamb toy is good anytime!). One look at the face of a lamb stuffed animal and your child will be soothed instantly.

Not surprisingly, the word lamb, is used as a term of endearment, particularly when referring to children; my little lamb, pet lamb, and precious lamb, are just some of the more common ones. Lambs signify purity and meekness, all traits we see in our children, especially the very young, thus the use of such a fond term as ['lamb'] is an appropriate one for our kids.

Given lambs also represent innocence, lamb stuffed animals make excellent gifts and are often given to parents of new born babies. A lamb stuffed animal has the most sweet and appealing face it always looks like the picture of happiness in the truest sense of the word. In addition, a lamb stuffed animal can be purchased in a variety of body positions; they can be bought standing up (on two or four legs), sitting down, or lying down. Some have movable limbs so they can be posed in whatever position you like best.

If collecting plush toys is something that interests you or your child, a lamb stuffed animal would make an excellent addition to the other menagerie of plush toys. They come in a wide variety of colors and like with all plush toys, you can dress them up in hats and coats (to name a few) if that interests you.
While most baby animals (like lambs, bunnies, and chicks) tend to remind us of spring and renewal, we don't have to wait until then for our child to be able to snuggle up with a plush one. That said, a lamb stuffed animal is an ideal gift at any time of the year and you will be guaranteed that your child won't go to sleep without it once they have one!
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Lamb Stuffed Animal

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This article was published on 2010/09/25