Power Animal Totems in Our Lives

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Everyone has Power Animals in their lives. They come to us because we have lessons that we need to learn and they have the appropriate attributes and energies to earn from. With their love, understanding, energy, and wisdom in these areas, we can learn these lessons from our power animal companions.

Every living thing on Mother Earth has its own specific energy vibration, including our animal companions and our totems. We are all born with our own individual power animals, as well as have more join us throughout our lives while we grow and need to learn more lessons. When our energy levels reach our new vibration match our new totems come into our lives at this time to instruct and guide us.

There are four main totem animals in our lives at any give time. You may also have more then one of any given type of totem animal as well in your life, such as two life totem animals or one life totem and two message totems.

When working with your totem animals, you first need to determine which of the four main categories they are attributed to:

1. Life totems is similar to a birth guide, and is with you your entire lifetime. This is generally the first and most common animal totem you will find the attributes to in your own life, such as your personality traits, values and morals. Since they are so connected within your vibrational energy field, you have access to these energies and power at all times. They are also the easiest to detect being around.

2. Journey totems work with you during a specific period in your life that you are working through. They have strong energy meanings and all messages are different depending on the animal and its attributes. They are here to help guide you on your physical and spiritual pathway.

3. Shadow totems are animal totems that come into our lives especially during a testing period on the physical realm. This testing period is directly from the animal and their energy attributes, as their power is one to work with for guidance. If we have not gone through and passed these testing areas their power will only work against us and will serve no good.

4. Message totems are ones that generally ones that can be confused with others. They are here more to deliver a quick message pertaining to your life. These are generally shown to be a precautionary warning along your spiritual pathway.

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Remember to work in your meditations, channeling, pendulum boards and other resources to find who your own personal totems are. Everyone's are different and unique, just as we are, so search and seek and you will find them! I hope this helps helped all of you on your path to finding your own personal animal totems and feel free to visit us for more exciting information at http://www.healingartforms.com

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Power Animal Totems in Our Lives

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This article was published on 2010/04/01