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Have you ever heard about telepathy? This art can help you communicate using only the power of the mind; the ability to understand the thoughts of another person. Telepathy and witchcraft has always been under discussion. Tarot cards, crystal balls, dreams are sent through the mind, where the telepathic nature of the witch is allowed to process the images or thoughts that come from their spirit or animal guides in order to determine answers to the questions being asked.
Telepathy is most common with identical twins, especially those who have been apart for many years, as scientific studies have shown that their lives are similar, and they often feel as though a part of them is missing. Identical twins have also been noted to be able to converse with each other (mostly as young infants) without the use of their primary senses, sometimes excluding those around them from their little world that has been created. Young children are considered to have greater psychic powers as their adult counterparts, due to the adult seeming to rely on their physical senses to determine their place in the world.
Scientific tests have been conducted many times in an attempt to provide conclusive evidence as to how this phenomenon appears in the brain. The most simple of tests involve holding up a set of Zenner cards. These cards typically have 5 different shapes on them; a star, triple waves, a circle, a square and a cross. The purpose of these tests is that the subject must focus on the thoughts of the person holding up the card in order to correctly state the card that is being held. Although these findings are inconclusive as it is possible to guess the tests, the main conclusions showed that people who had a higher volume of stored psychic power were able to have a higher number of correct answers. Other tests involve the placing of two people in separate rooms, and asking them to think of a subject which is then guessed by the other. There have also been other tests where one person sent images to another whilst sleeping. Once the sleeper has woken, they were asked to describe their dreams, which often contained the images that were projected to them. This test has proved to be the most conclusive in the study of psychic energy and telepathy amongst people.
Telepathy has been the subject of many scientific arguments and studies. One subject that hasn't come into question is the use of telepathy amongst animals. They are often aware of their owner's thoughts and feelings, and can mostly be found providing comfort when their owner is ill or depressed. Many times, the behaviour of the animal changes slightly if the owner is due to return home, as the animal seems to sense their thoughts as they near the house. This behaviour is common in young children; parents have reported that smaller children behave better right before the other parent enters the house.
The most common animal that uses telepathy to communicate is the dolphin. These animals, although they regularly use sound to convey their meanings to each other, it has been reported to empathise with humans, and have a telepathic link that is used to save a human from drowning, or provides effective care for the children when they swim with them. Primates and other animals that live in a closed environment have been studied in terms of their ability to communicate without the use of physical senses. The studies have shown that as they move about their surroundings, they can empathise with the other animals and alter their ways without making a sound or a gesture to signify their meaning. When in their particular social setting, the mother can teach the young, the alpha controls their pack behaviour, and know how a family member is feeling without the need to use other senses. Telepathic links are the easiest forms of communication in the animal world, as it is mostly situations of urgency that require verbal or physical gestures to make themselves heard.
Because of this, many human cultures use the animals as guides, as they too can find a way to communicate effectively and understand each other. To do this the human must first listen to the animal, and join their minds as one. This way, the animal can pass on messages in the form of pictures and emotions, and this can be translated in terms of helping the animal feel that they are loved. The telepathic link between animals and humans also works when the animal must relay messages from the spirits, or to pass warnings of natural events that may occur. The help given is invaluable to the witch when conducting rituals that need outside assistance. Just by listening to their familiars, the animals can send the messages as they are needed through their ability for telepathy, and the warnings can be heeded. Naturally, a witch would often pick a familiar through a telepathic link between human and animal that proves the most comfortable for these purposes.

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Power of the Mind

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This article was published on 2010/05/27