Visit wildlife sanctuary for hand on experience on wildlife animals

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Wildlife sanctuary is the most natural place to visit. If you want to get out from the hustle and bustle of the city and want to spend time completely on the laps of nature and have love for animals than wildlife sanctuary is perfect destination for you. Wildlife sanctuary is a special place is it naturally man made which is kept exclusively for wild animals or some exclusive endangered species whose survival becomes in danger due to manly activities like hunting.

These sanctuaries are home to wild life with local human entrant but no hunting and any other harassment to animals is punishable. There are a number of animals and birds which environmentalist believes that they will vanish in the approaching future.  Already a considerable animals and birds are extinct while some are almost near to extinct. This makes us imperative to visit wild sanctuary and have an experience of this sanctuary that knows you can be only be the proof and storyteller to your inheritance when these animals will be history like mammoths.

Animal sanctuary is similar to wildlife sanctuary. This is also a protected place for animals where they roam and live in a natural way without under anyone controlling or monitoring. But yes a government, environmentalists, protects them along with Non-profit organizations or some other governing body looks the interim in charge for the protection of these animals.

These animal sanctuary are open to tourists but public are not allowed to exploit or access any resources of these sanctuaries. These animals’ sanctuaries are educative in nature. They tell you a lot about animals habitation especially wild animals since people can see them exclusively only in these places with their naked eye. Its awesome experience to see these rare animals with ones own eyes in natural habitat. These are lifetime experience, the memory of which is always going to flash in your mind.

To be in wild animal sanctuary is just like sitting in the most natural place of the world. This place is perfect if you aspire to carry research on wild animals just for the sake of your knowledge thirst. Wild animal sanctuary is full of endangered species of animals and birds. Some of them already attained the phase of extinction. These are rare animals. If you want some hands on experience then visit these wild animals sanctuary. You will come to learn those things, which are not their in your routine life.

If you are little less wildlife lover than try out farm animal sanctuaries, these sanctuaries are manmade in order to rear and protect animals, which are not wild such as pig, dogs, cows, cattle, horses, ponies etc. Farm animal sanctuary consists of those animals, which have economical value. These animals are reared to get some products but at the same time protected from slaughter and other inhumane tortures.

Almost every country has its own national wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary generally is at par than rest of the sanctuary of that particular country. National wildlife sanctuary has some special unique features, which are not there in ordinary sanctuary. These unique features can be anything, it can be inhabitant of some rare species of animals or birds which are not available elsewhere or even some plants or trees which gives them the cult status of national wildlife sanctuary.

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Visit wildlife sanctuary for hand on experience on wildlife animals

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Visit wildlife sanctuary for hand on experience on wildlife animals

This article was published on 2011/08/11
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