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Yorkshire Terriers originated in the mid-19th century around the industrial heartlands of northern England. They were bred by working men, for whom a large dog would have been difficult to keep, but who wanted a lively companion. Their probable forebears are the old Black-and-Tan Terriers, the Maltese, and the now extinct Clysedale Terrier. From each litter the smallest dogs were selected for breeding and the Yorkshire Terrier gradually shrank to the proportions we see today.

Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies, as they are more commonly referred to, make an ideal pet for someone that is not partial to big dogs. For those unfortunate enough to have allergies to dogs, a Yorkshire Terrier stuffed animal is likely the next best thing to having one. In addition, if your child has a plush toy collection that consists of different dog breeds, adding a Yorkshire Terrier stuffed animal to the already existent assembly of canines is a must.

Even though Yorkies are tiny, don't be fooled by their small size. Despite being so little, they are surprisingly domineering and make very good watch dogs. Amazingly, Yorkies excel in some of what are considered to be large dog breed sports such as flyball, agility training, and tracking. Although Yorkies only weigh up to seven pounds, they have huge personalities that have won over many a persons heart. They are loyal, brave, clever, and full of energy and are completely oblivious to the fact that they are so small.

Another benefit to having a Yorkshire Terrier stuffed animal over the real thing, is that the daily maintenance that is required of the breed, becomes a non-issue. A Yorkshire Terrier stuffed animal is low on the care scale in terms of clipping its nails, and grooming its coat, which is something that is a frequent requirement with the breed. With a Yorkies long silky coat, it's necessary to enure that knots and tangles don't form, thus almost daily brushing is a must.

Given there is some debate over whether or not Yorkies make good family pets, having a Yorkshire Terrier stuffed animal instead, takes the worry out of whether or not it will get along with young children that may be in the home. Like most small dog breeds, Yorkies are not partial to roughhousing, thus many breeders do not recommend them for anyone with very young children. Young kids typically don't quite know their limitations when it comes to pets in the home, thus, unless properly supervised, unintentional accidents can happen; with a Yorkshire Terrier stuffed animal, this will never be a concern.
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Yorkshire Terrier Stuffed Animal

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This article was published on 2010/10/29